Impact of California Competitive Cheer as a “Sport” Ruling on USA Spirit Nationals

For the past two years, the USA has followed closely the legislation to define competitive cheer as a sport in the state of California.  We continue to work hard to be supportive of the new law, while also maintaining the positive and supportive competitive environment we have created with USA Spirit Nationals for over 30 years.

As we move into the 2017/18 season, we will adjust elements of our competitive season to meet the requirements of the competitive cheer as sport legislation. 

As a result, the date of USA Spirit Nationals will move nearly one month earlier to February 22-24, 2019, in Anaheim, CA.

This will allow Traditional Competitive Cheer (TCC) teams to participate in the event, followed by the Competitive Sport Cheer (CSC) season that runs from February through May.

To meet the requirements of not being able compete on a Sunday, the 2018 Spirit Nationals schedule will be adjusted to allow cheer teams to finish competition on Saturday night.  Prelims will start Friday morning and continue through Saturday morning.  Song/Pom, Mascot and Pep Flag teams will compete with prelims on Saturday and finals on Sunday.

The Regional season is being reviewed to ensure that teams have ample time to qualify for Spirit Nationals and further information on that calendar is forthcoming.

The USA remains committed to providing one of the “premier” competitive events in the nation for cheerleading teams to showcase their talents.  We will work hard to meet the legislative requirements set forth for next season, while maintaining the integrity of our long-standing and prestigious event.

We wish you a successful new year with your new teams!