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Looking for Nationals, Regionals, Open and Classic dates? 
  • Click here for Jr. One Day Events >> USA Jr. Nationals is February 25, 2018!
  • Click here for Spirit One Day Events >> USA Spirit Nationals is February 23-25, 2018!
  • Click here for Game Day One Day Events >> Game Time Championships is February 25, 2018!
  • USA Collegiate Championships is TBA!
  • Click here for All Star One Day Events >> All Star Championships is March 17-18, 2018!
  • Click here for Dance One Day Events >> USA Dance Nationals is March 30-31, 2018 (with Super Dancer soloists beginning on Thursday evening, March 29)!
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USA places great importance and value on providing complete professional development and training for our judges. This training emphasizes writing usable comments that teams can understand and apply immediately. The exposure to the importance of written comments begins during our judges’ initial years on staff, as they are instructed on how to give thorough written evaluations to teams at camp during the summer. These skills are further exercised prior to competition season through an interactive webinar and scoresheet practice follow-up. In addition to our own instructional staff, USA utilizes the skill and experience of judges from our Varsity sister companies to add variety to our panels.  We are proud of the professional, knowledgeable, and fair judges who represent USA at our competition events.

Regionals iconRegionals

No prior qualification required to compete. Regionals are local qualifying competitions for USA Nationals events. Regional plaques are awarded to top teams in each division. 

Bids to USA Jr. Nationals and USA Spirit Nationals will be awarded to all teams receiving 75% of the total possible points prior to any penalties at a qualifying USA event.  Scores after penalties are deducted only affect placement on the day of the event.

For Dance qualifying divisions, teams with an average score of 84.9 or below will qualify for the Open Division at USA Dance Nationals. Teams with an average score of 85 or above with qualify for the Championship Division at USA Dance Nationals.

Classic iconClassics

No prior qualification required to compete. Classics are qualifying competitions for USA Jr. Nationals, USA Spirit Nationals and USA Dance Nationals. All performers receive a souvenir competition participation ribbon. Trophies will be awarded to the top teams in each division.  For all divisions, “Champion” pins will be given to each first place competitor.

Opens iconOpens

No prior qualification through a USA Regional competition, Classic competition or other sanctioned event/process is required in order to attend.  Opens are NOT qualifiers for USA Nationals events. Trophies will be awarded to the top teams in each division. For all first place teams, each individual member will receive a 1st place Champion T-shirt. Banners are awarded to first place teams with 2 or more teams in the division.