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What's New for 2015?

  • AT REGULAR OVERNIGHT SESSIONS:Be even more prepared for game days with the new “USA Time Out” Evaluation!  Teams will have the option of being evaluated on either a Time Out Cheer or Time Out Dance.  (This takes the place of the USA Cheer/Routine evaluation.)

  • AT ELITE OVERNIGHT SESSIONS:Leave camp game ready with the addition of the “USA Time Out” Evaluation!  Elite Camp attendees will be evaluated on a Show Cheer (which is a combination of the Time Out Cheer followed by the Time Out Dance).

  • AT ELITE OVERNIGHT CAMPS:Learn a Unity Fight Song that both Cheer and Song will perform together and be evaluated on.  This performance opportunity begins with a sample game situation that teams will respond to with an appropriate game-action, followed by the Unity Fight Song.   

  • All teams are encouraged to bring signs, poms, megaphones, banners and flags to incorporate into their Game-Action/Game-Action Fight Song Evaluation.

  • New Choreography Class during Specialty Workshops!  Students will learn how to incorporate signs, megaphones, etc. into routines, along with how to make the most out of the USA material and customize it to your squad level! 

  • Warm ups will begin 15 minutes earlier each morning, so now we will start at 8:15 a.m.

  • Advisor Program is being re-tooled to provide even more value.

  • All American Tryouts are being moved back to night 2 (instead of happening right before Rally).

  • “Free Time/Practice Time” on night 2 from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

  • “Unity Routine” will be offered during Specialty Crossover Workshop at both 3 and 4 day overnight camps. 

  • Bringing back the “Choose Your Challenge” Workshop for Song/Pom & Pep Flag where teams select what type of technique they would like to work on as a team.  Offered at 4 day camps. 

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