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Top USA Spirit Camp Strengths

Build School Pride & Elevate School Spirit with the USA!

  • We are the originators of Crowdleader® Team training.  We teach the entire spirit squad how to effectively communicate with their crowd during our “GameTime 101” workshop and through Game-Action Evaluation. This training is showcased through USA’s trademark “Crowdleader® Team” division at Spirit Nationals.
  • Our material is unrivaled and will last the entire school year!
  • With industry legends like Tony Gonzales & John Peters, who are known for cutting edge material, involved in our spirit & song/pom program development, teams leave camp with visual material that is fun to perform and that crowds will love!
  • Team bonding and bringing cheerleaders, song/pom teams, mascots & pep/short flags together are priorities. Workshops such as “Unity,” “Leader in Action,” “Captain’s Huddle” and “Teammaker” include goal-setting, problem solving, discussions about the roles of spiritleaders, and other campus groups and the responsibility those roles bring.

USA Choreography:

  • Is always fun for the students
  • Works with all types of teams no matter what the level of experience
  • All teams will look great performing it
  • Fresh and current music to dance to

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