The USA is more than great material, it is coming together to share ideas, friends, energy and memories to last a lifetime.

Mandy Leonhardt, Advisor/Coach - Agua Fria H.S., Avondale, AZ

I have coached for 15 years and have only gone to one camp outside of the USA - that was a mistake! The USA offers it all - a sense of family, a challenge and an opportunity to learn and grow as people.

Chris Espedal, Advisor - Bear River H.S., Grass Valley, CA

The USA makes it a point to focus on all areas of cheerleading - games, leadership and competition. If you want a complete definition of spiritleading, then the USA is the final answer.

Nicole Robinson, Advisor/Coach - A.B. Miller H.S., Fontana, CA

The staff were so together and talented. Our squads learned, played and retained. We appreciate you so much - great job USA staff!

Barbara Jorgensen, Advisor - Parkrose H.S., Portland, OR

The energy that the USA staff displays encourages my girls to be more motivated and confident. Their efforts and dedication push my teams to be the best they can be.

Lisa Nakamura, Advisor - Cerritos H.S., Cerritos, CA

USA has enabled me to take 12 different girls with different styles and make one unified team with memories they will never forget.

Kenneth Bencomo, Advisor - Damien H.S., La Verne, CA

I have coached for 12 years and been to a lot of camps. We learned more in 4 days than I could believe. The stunting program was fantastic! The USA had a great coaching staff with lots of talent.

Susan Trujillo, Advisor/Coach - Tooele H.S., Tooele, UT

As a new advisor, this camp was the most valuable experience my team and I could have had. The instructors were eager to help me and my squad.

Tyla Walton, Advisor - East H.S., Salt Lake City, UT

I have been to USA camps since 1988. On a scale from 1-10, the USA is a 12!

Kelle Riley, Advisor/Coach - Chimacum H.S., Chimacum, WA