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USA VIP Network

Attend a 2013 USA Summer Camp?
Sign up & join the USA VIP Network!

Sign Up in 5 Easy Steps!
1. Go to the VIP Sign In Page
2. Using the email address that you used to register for camp.
4. Create your username and password
5. Wait for approval, Log in and Enjoy!

Helpful information for Coaches & Advisors is also available
on the USA VIP Network!!

The following video clips of camp material
is available on the VIP Network!

USA Cheer Material
• Here We Go (Crowd Response Cheer)
• 6 Game Action Cheers
• 2 Sideline Fillers
• Don't Stop The Party (Show Routine)
• Scream & Shout (Show Routine)
• Unity Fight Song
• Here We Go(USA Camp Dance)

USA Song/Pom Material
• Can't Stop Us (Song Demo Routine)
• #thatPOWER (Funky Sideline)
• One Way Or Another (Pom Sideline)
• 6 Game Action Cheers
• Unity Fight Song
• Here We Go (USA Camp Dance)

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