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Looking for a choreographer, full-time/part-time coach or
someone to come in and clean your routines for competition?

Well, the USA Billboard is here to help.

For other services such as, Judges for
tryouts, competitions, private coaching
or stunt/technique clinics,
click here.

If you have any questions, please
contact us at

    (Coaching Jobs)
    (Coaching Jobs)
    (Choreography Jobs
    (Choreography Jobs)

The United Spirit Association is providing this billboard service as a resource for our customers. We cannot guarantee that your posting will find a response. Any information or services exchanged between yourself and any responding coaches is not the responsibility of the USA.

Your requests will be posted on the USA Staff website along with your contact information included, allowing interested parties to contact you directly. However, in an effort to protect your privacy and personal information, we will not include those details on the main USA website. All individuals hired as a result of this service are considered independent contractors and are not representative of the USA, regardless of any other current or previous affiliations with our company. The USA does not guarantee any quaility of workmanship provided through this service, nor do we provide a suggested payscale for coaching work; all terms of employment and pay are to be established by the hiring organization and the job applicants.



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