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2014 USA Spirit Nationals All American Showcase

We offered a unique opportunity for all USA All Americans to come together and showcase their talents in a special performance held in March at the 2014 USA Spirit Nationals event in Anaheim, California. 

Watch it here: THE 2012-13 USA ALL AMERICAN SHOWCASE
Special performance at USA Spirit Nationals held in Anaheim, CA.   

The routine that they performed was sent to them less than a couple weeks prior to
the event. Then...they came together for a mandatory practice held at the Anaheim Convention Center on the Saturday of the Nationals event (7:00 pm – 9:00 pm ).

The performance was well received and proved to be a unique opportunity to highlight
the USA All Americans and further promote the “Unity” that USA supports. Bringing together students from our Spirit, Dance and Band programs, proved to be quite special. We received tons of compliments...so GOOD JOB to all of  those who performed. 

We were excited to once again offer this opportunity to USA All Americans and we
are very proud of the hard work, enthusiasm and excitement that went into their 
performance. We hope to see even more of you next year at the 3nd annual USA
All American Showcase.


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